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Welcome to A Gingerbread Life

This is where you will find information relating to the world of Gingerbread, including the tools that can be used for your Gingerbread creations & where to buy them, plus news about upcoming Gingerbread House competitions.

Visit the TOOLS page – Pat Ashley shows you all the tools for your Gingerbread House creations.

See the entire TOOL LIST & where to buy them on the TOOLS page.



Pat Ashley Howard’s Gingerbread Arts

This is the one place where you will find an extensive series of detailed videos, dedicated to teaching gingerbread enthusiasts multiple aspects of building imaginative and unique gingerbread creations – all taught by award-winning gingerbread artist, Pat Ashley Howard.

Pat Ashley shares all of her tricks and secrets in this series of over 30 videos. Her step-by-step instruction makes it easy to follow along and achieve stunning results. The series comprises over 8 hours of clear direction, with straight and to the point instruction. And there is more to come!

Whether you are a serious competitor or simply a gingerbread house enthusiast, this is the one place where you can take your skills to new heights. Join us at Gingerbread Arts and let Pat Ashley be your guide!

• An Extensive Series of over 30 Detailed Lessons

• Lessons can be paused, rewound, and replayed

• Detailed lessons specific to Making and Building a Gingerbread House

• Lessons include a downloadable Materials/Tool List

• Recipes are included, which can also be downloaded

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